About kerala

Kerala History:

Kerala the beautiful green land took birth on 1 November 1956. According to Hindu mythology Parasurama the sixth incarnation of Mahavishnu created Kerala. Earlier Kerala was made up of three distinct areas Malabar, Cochin and Travancore. Archaeologists believe that the first citizens of Kerala were the Negrito people, the hunters. The next race in Kerala was believed to be the Austriches, who are same as the present day Australian Aborigins. They introduced cultivation of rice and vegetables which are still a main part of kerala culture. Then comes the Dravidians and Aryans who influenced the Kerala culture.

Kerala has a unique position in the commercial field. Kerala was an important destination of travellers and traders because of its spices. Jewish and Arabs were the first to come here for trading . Than traders from almost all part of the world including Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese,Greek, Romans, French and British had came here leaving their marks in various fields of Kerala’s culture and Kerala society become a mix of people from various sects of Christianity, Hindu and Muslim.

In the history of Kerala there was the domination of feudalism ,cast and warfare. Namboothiries were the landlords of most of the lands in Kerala who lived luxuriously. The lands being leased to the next higher castes for cropping. The lowest castes were only the labourers and their life was pathetic. There was untouchability also. All these were abolished and the colonial rule was stopped later. Now Kerala is one of the most peaceful place for living.