Kerala House Boat

Kerala Houseboats

Kerala, a land blessed with diverse attractions is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world. From the palm fringed beaches to the dense green vegetation or tall coconut trees everything about Kerala is beautiful. Among all these the most unique and wonderful attraction is the serene backwaters and the traditional houseboats. The marvellous journey on the traditional houseboats through this serene backwaters attracts thousands of tourists from every part of the world. The scintillating beauty of the serene backwaters can be explored completely through the houseboat cruise. The magical journey through the backwaters in the traditional houseboats exploring the beauty of backwaters will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Houseboats or Kettuvallam in Kerala are originated as country boats for the transport of goods from isolated villages to the towns like Aleeppey, Kollam, Kochi etc. But with the development of roads and bridges they went off the scene. Now these Kettuvalloms are back again as slowly moving boat house called the Houseboats which is the most popular tourist attraction in the present day. This huge wonderful Eco friendly houseboats in Kerala are made up of bamboo poles, coconut fiber ropes, bamboo mats, coir carpets etc.The main wood used for the construction is from Anjali tree. The most amazing fact about the houseboats is that not even a single nail is used for the construction.

The size of the houseboats vary. But they have fully furnished interiors, single double or even five bedrooms with sundeck, private balcony, Kitchen and bathrooms. Also there is a three member crew in each houseboats.A chef, driver and cabin assistant. The cuisine in houseboats is traditional Kerala dishes with local specialities along with delicious fish items. The exotic combination of houseboats and backwaters give you the most beautiful moments of your life with the breath taking beauty of water Lillie's, green paddy fields, Chinese fishing nets, Coir villages, exotic birds, tall coconut trees, ancient temples etc. In addition to the scenic backwater beauty the houseboat cruise also offers you the sights of splendid sunsets and waxing moonlight. Houseboat journey also reveals some interesting facts about the simple village life of the local people. Kerala tour is not complete without the magical houseboat cruise in the backwaters.