Kerala – At a glance

Kerala - At a glance

Kerala, a small beautiful state situated in the southwest corner of India is one of the most popular tourist destination in the country. Kerala has 14 districts with Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) as the capital city which is situated in the southwestern cost of Kerala. The Port city Kochi and Kozhikod are the two major cities in Kerala. Kerala has three airports which provide international as well as domestic connections. The area of the state is 38,863 square kilometer with a population of 31.8 million. Languages spoken are Malayalam , Hindi and English. Kerala with a literacy rate of 90.9% stands first among the Indian states. Religion in Kerala is a mixture of different faiths; Hinduism ,Islam and Christianity being the most significant among them. Kerala has a tropical climate.The Summer (February - May) and Monsoon (June - August) are the seasons specifically experienced here.The period between August to March has been considered as the best time to visit Kerala.

Rice and Tapioca are the important food crops in Kerala. Kerala is a major producer of coconut, rubber, pepper, cardamom, cashew, coffee, tea, ginger and cocoa. Tree spices like cinnamon and cloves are also cultivated here. The major industries in Kerala include coir products, marine products, hand loom , khadhi and village industries. Kerala has a tropical climate.The Summer (February - May) and Monsoon (June - August) are the seasons specifically experienced here. Tourism in Kerala is a fast growing industry which provides job opportunities for so many local people. Every year thousand of tourists are coming to see the serene beauty of this small peaceful land.

Kerala has unique and wonderful art forms, culture and festivals. Kathakali, a classical dance form of Kerala attracts so many tourists. Kalaripayattu the martial art form of Kerala is also well known. Kerala is a land of festivals and has lots of renowned festivals. Be it the state festival Onam or the temple festival Pooram the people in God’s own country celebrates all the festivals with great passion and spirit.

Kerala is the land of Ayurveda which is a unique and indispensable branch of medicine. Ayurveda not only refreshes your body but also refreshes your soul. For getting Ayurvedic treatment the period between April to August is considered as the best time.